Ballet classes for young pupils are designed to encourage imagination, the appreciation of music and also to express through the medium of dance.  Little ones have lots of fun while learning and really enjoy the imagination side of the class.

As their strength develops ballet steps are gently introduced, together with the French technical terms.  The vocabulary for classical ballet is the  French language and these French technical terms are used on a regular basis so that from a young age the children become familiar with them and accept the language naturally.

As the children progress they have the opportunity to take both Grade and Standard examinations.  These examinations are NVQ recognised and so there are strict rules lay down by the government to ensure that all the necessary criteria is followed.  These exam qualifications can be used for entry into a number of establishments apart from Vocational Ballet Schools and Media Colleges.

Students and children have the opportunity to perform on stage in our productions and the parents are also able to view the class work when appropriate.